Active learning & gamification.

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  • Accelerated learning

    Learn by doing to enhance specific skills or gain new perspectives. Create immersive game-like environments with realistic role playes to drive higher engagement and retention.

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  • Safe learning environment

    The flight simulator for education. Get you or your participants to practice solving complex issues in sometimes difficult situations. Learn from failures and build on success.

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  • Bridges the gap between theory and practice

    You don’t learn how to swim from reading a book. Prepare yourself or your participants for the real world by getting to experience them first-hand.

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The active learning & gamification platform can be used for a wide variety of learning objectives.

Free to create

It is absolutely to create active learning scenarios. There is only a charge if the platform is used with participants.


Built with the latest web technologies, it is screen-size responsive and works on all major browsers.

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So real it's unreal

The scenarios and teaching methodology feel so real it blurs the lines between learning and experiencing. The lessons then get carried beyond into daily life and work.

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"It was great to be working with a team on the types of real issues we face in our daily work. We all learned a lot on subject matter material but also on ourselves and how to better work with others" - Trey O Neill

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Movement, team work & self-reflection

Most studies demonstrate that we learn best when in motion and interacting with others. We also need downtime to reflect on the experiences and change our own operating systems. The seriesIMPACT platform gives you all three.

It won't be boring!

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